Beijing Hángzhàn China Post terminal tracking

Beijing Hángzhàn

Is one of the main hubs of Post China before being dispatched to and exit hub.

About the post hub

Beijing Hángzhàn is a tranportation hub located at Beijing Capital International Airpot and is handeling most of the shippments of the country tht are being dispatched by air mail. The hub have 9 different post termianls depending on typ of the package and the final destination. Notice that this is not an international exit hub and packages passing by Beijing Hángzhàn are bing sent to export customs before leaving China.

Post termainals

Postal hub Code Location
CNBJSA Beijing Hángzhàn
CNBJSB Beijing City Hángzhàn
CNBJSC Beijing Transit Hángzhàn
CNCNBJSD HGHY Beijing Ems Hángzhàn
CNBJSE Beijing E Ems Hángzhàn
CNBJSN Beijing N Ems Re Hángzhàn
CNBJSQ Beijing Q Ems Same Day Hángzhàn
CNBJSQ Beijing Y Eyoubao Hángzhàn
CNBJSQ Beijing Ems Transit Hángzhàn