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China Post tracking

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Parcels sent by China Post have a tracking number in the format RR123456789CN where the second letter can range from A-R and the last two characters have the value "CN"

EMS tracking

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Express mail service is an international recognized mail delivery system maintained by UPU, Universal Postal Union. More than 190 countries are members of the EMS system.
Parcals sent as EMS are regognized by the tracking number that consist of a 13 character beginning with letter “E”

EUB (Ebay ePacket) tracking

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EUB or so called ePacket tracking numbers are in the format LK123456789CN and can be recognized by begining with "LK"

Hongkong Post tracking

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The tracking number is in the format EE123456789HK where the last 2 characters are indicating "HK". The company offers a good value for money and secure postal service.

USPS tracking number

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Track number for the United States Postal Service consist of 10 - 22 characters depending on the type of parcal being sent